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real looking and stylish

artificial plants

for indoor or outdoor use

Why choose

  • Real looking
    Technology has come a long way and now artificial plants look almost real, with various shades of greens, leaf sizes and texture for an organic feel.
  • Instant style
    Our plants and trees selection reflects the current trends of interior design: find a shape or style to spruce up a room, backyard or office
  • No maintenance
    No watering, no pruning. Just set in a nice planter and voilà. These plants always look good, green and fresh, no matter the temperature or the light.
  • UV resistant
    The outdoor plants in our collection have been treated with UV guard to prevent fading of their vibrant color.
  • No mess
    If you have pets or kids that are quite active, these plants will keep their shapes if knocked down, and no soil to pick up. Can be put in storage in the winter.

Use it for...

  • Home interiors, living rooms
  • Rooms with no (or little) natural daylight
  • Backyards, on the terrace, around the pool
  • On each side of a door, or garage door
  • In the office, the waiting room
  • In public hallways
  • To perk up a kiosk or stand

artificial plants products

Synthetic plants and trees

A selection of real looking artificial synthetic plants and trees, for indoor or outdoor use. Palm, bamboo, ficus, cedar… High quality, organic feel.