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Ultrabond Track PU 2K

Premium two-part, polyurethane track adhesive used to glue the rubber gym flooring to the subsurface.


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Premium Two-part, polyurethane Track adhesive
7.57 Litres (2 U.S. gals.)

Ultrabond Track PU 2K is a two-part, polyurethane adhesive designed for indoor and outdoor sports-flooring installations that demand high performance in various weather conditions. Ultrabond Track PU 2K provides excellent resistance to heat, moisture and low temperatures.

Coverage: 160 s.q.2 per U.S. gal.

Use when the substrate temperature is between 10°C and 32°C (50°F and 90°F) and ambiant humidity is below 65%. Apply on dry, clean surface. Let it cure for a minimum of 24hrs.

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Weight 7.57 lbs

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