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SBR granules

SBR black granules used for technical underlayments of poured-in-place rubber flooring


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Made of recycled tires, for technical layer (fall heights).

A backcoat of black aggregates (SBR rubber made from recycled tires) is recommended for technical underlayments, ie for cushioning of the covering, for example in play areas. Thickness to be defined according to the desired damping.

The black SBR is sold in a bag of 27 pounds (12 kg). Covers 10 s.f. (for a 1″ thick layer).

Should be binded with the aromatic binder. 2.25 litres of binder needed (approx) per bag or SBR granules.

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 34 × 11 in

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Aromatic binder

You MUST use this aromatic polyurethane binder with SBR granules.