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Pickle Pro court roll

Pickle Pro court roll

your PVC roll-out pickleball court surface solution

Introducing the Game-Changer in Pickleball Court Surfaces: Our PVC Roll-Out Court Solution!

Are you ready to take your pickleball game to the next level?  Crafted to meet official standards for professional players, our court offers a flawless playing experience every time.

Why choose our courts?

Choosing the right surface for a pickleball court is a decision that impacts the game’s quality, player safety, and overall enjoyment. With its superior elasticity, slip resistance, ease of maintenance, and durability, our Pickleball Pro court roll vinyl flooring stands out as the ideal choice.

Slip Resistance:
Safety comes first in any sport, and pickleball is no exception. A court surface
must offer excellent slip resistance to prevent falls and injuries, especially
during quick lateral movements and sudden stops. The material’s texture and
composition play a significant role in providing the necessary traction for
players. The 5.5mm thickness also provides some shock absorbtion, reducing
the impact and stress on the player’s joints and increasing comfort, without
compromising ball rebound.

Easy maintenance:
Our low-maintenance surface saves time and money, ensuring the court
remains in top condition with minimal effort. The pores of the floorings are
sealed, avoiding the dirt to penetrate. Simply sweep with a broom. For deeper
cleaning, use a neutral detergent for vinyl floorings.

Durability and Weather Resistance:
Outdoor pickleball courts face the elements head-on, requiring a surface that
can withstand varying weather conditions without degrading. The layered
structure ensures the court’s longevity and consistent play quality over time.

What is a Pro pickleball court?

A pickleball surface that comes in rolls of PVC ready to deploy for a permanent indoor or outdoor court.

  • Easy, quick install. Provides a seamless surface.
  • Install yourself or ask for our professional installation services (in Quebec and Ontario)
  • Requires minimal upkeep: simply sweep to clean!

5.5mm thickness layer structure


Sold in kit of 5 rolls.
Size of one roll: 1.8m x 18.3m or 6’x60′
Weight of one roll: 310 lbs / 141 kg
Size of assembled court: 9m X 18m (30’ X 60’)
Weight of court: 1500 pounds / 700 kg
Material thickness: 5.5mm
Available vynil colors: blue, grey, green
Applied coating for outdoor use:
UV resistant, fade resistant.
3 year warranty.
Ready for Canadian winters.

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