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Innovative design and easy install

sports court tiles

indoor or outdoor fields for basketball, tennis, hockey...

Why choose

  • Precision Locking System Creates a seamless, uniform appearance, allowing for consistant ball bounce.
  • Resilient material Durable and scuff-resistant – perfect for high-traffic applications, UV protection prevents fading.
  • Patented Surface Profile Surface relief provides excellent grip, the star hollow design dampens sound and allows for water evaporation / evacuation.
  • Comfort and protection Lower back, knee, and joint forgiveness for players, plus comfort for running.
  • Easy install, maintenance and replacement If a tile is broken, simply lift and insert another one.
  • 15 years warranty

Use it for...

  • Basketball courts, indoor or outdoor
  • Tennis court (ITF approved)
  • Indoor volleyball court
  • Summer or rollerblade hockey
  • Shuffleboards, hopscotch
  • Multisports (with many different lines for different usages)

Court tiles products

GAME: for outdoor courts

This innovative tile system offers a robust, seamless surface to play multi-sports outside, with drainage, and is a snap to install. Approved for tennis, great for basketball, hockey cosom, multi-sports, etc.

COMPETE: for indoor courts

Durable tiles with little to no maintenance, this ideal court surface is perfect for basketball courts, gymnasiums, volleyball, schools and installs quickly and easily.

COMPETE is only available in our warehouse, or with custom installation

Ready-to-install basketball courts

For your convenience, we made kits that are ready to install, including all accessories and lines already printed. Available in four colors.

20 feet X 25 feet court

25 feet X 25 feet court

30 feet X 25 feet court

Colors available

Our online kits are sold in predetermined colors. However, for custom install, you get to choose the colors of the tiles, and the lines painted on the court.




DIY installation

Although the locking system between tiles offers an easy assembly, please read our guide to install it perfectly.

Professional installation

No time or don’t want to bother?  Trust our professional team for a clean, seamless, hassle free installation of your court tiles.