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Frequently asked questions

About synthetic turf

Synthetic turf is sold in pre-made rolls of 6 feet wide (with an exception of 6,6 feet wide for Oasis and Luxe 40 turf). The smallest roll in 6′ X 10′

Contact us about your specific needs by filling this form . We will quickly return a quotation, expected delivery time (if applicable), and the costs of all our lawns, so you can compare.

Please note that we install synthetic turf anywhere in Quebec and in Ontario, Canada.

About Rubberflex (EPDM poured in place rubber flooring)

We are victim of our success… We are sold out on some colors of EPDM rubber granules. Stock should be coming for the Spring 2024 season.

Since the pandemic, binders are hard to come by. We are trying to secure stocks. We thank you for your patience.

We only have a LIMITED QUANTITY.

Please contact us to reserve the quantity of aliphatic binder that you need (go to contact page).