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synthetic turf

for residential, commercial or industrial usage

Why choose

  • Always green
    Sunny or shady areas won’t matter anymore, nor will snow or drought. High UV resistance ensures a vibrant color, always.
  • Drainage
    Synthetic turfs are punctured which lets the water flow thru, and dries quickly.
  • Low maintenance
    No more mowing, fertilization or resod and especially no more watering! Save time and money.
  • Clean and hygienic
    No more dirt in the house, no more pollen and allergies.

Use it for...

  • Landscaping
  • Backyards shady areas
  • Around the pool
  • On terraces, rooftops, decks, patios…
  • For playgrounds, daycares, kindergardens, parks
  • Great for pets!
  • And of course for sports such as soccer, golf, mini-putts

Synthetic turf products

Green turfs

Many models available for synthetic grass ranging from affordable to luxurious, real looking, ultra soft.

Also available in 12′ and 13′ feet wide rolls, at our warehouse.
Contact us for a quote.

Specialty turfs

Colorful and soft for playgrounds, kindergardens, schools and parks, extra resistant for gyms, short for golf, putting greens and mini-putts… See our large range of specialty turfs.


Our exclusive designs are ready-made inserts of colored synthetic turf, ready to install! No need to cut, just insert. Save time and money, while creating a unique playground!


DIY installation

Install synthetic turf yourself with our convenient guide that will help you  get it right the first time.

Professional installation

No time or don’t want to bother?  Trust our professional team for a clean, seamless, hassle free installation of your synthetic turf.