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Safe and durable

poured rubber

for playgrounds, daycares, schools, parks...

New! 25% polymer content

Superior quality

Enjoy an upgraded version of our EPDM granules: No wilting, no cracking, no degradation in the harshest weather conditions. These granules are 25% polymer content, with premium quality UV stabilizers, with better than before tensile strength and elasticity.

Why choose

  • Safe
    Poured in place epdm rubber is soft, absorbs shocks and cushions falls. Anti-slip too.
  • Versatile
    Suitable for all surfaces, floors to stairs to decks, exterior and interior, curvy or angled.
  • Durable
    Poured rubber is flexible so it is resistant to cold, heat and temperature deviations; it retains its shape and  its color.
  • Appearance
    Poured rubber comes in 11 colors, and you can incorporate patterns!
  • Comfort and noise reduction
  • Hygienic
    The rubber surface is antibacterial and cleans easily. 

Use it for...

  • Playgrounds, daycares, kindergardens, schools
  • Around the pool: use a light color to prevent hot surface under the sun, and see the surface dry quickly (chlorine and bleach resistant)
  • Forms, logos, curves… Have fun with unlimited design possibilities.
  • Stairs: Slip resistant and stylish

Poured rubber products

EPDM Granules

Superior quality

Also known as poured rubber, rubber granulates or colored EPDM. They are used for the top coat. Now sold as kits with aliphatic binder.


Get the right binder for the right job: aromatic for SBR granules, aliphatic for epdm granules, add aerosil for vertical surfaces.

Find the color you like...

...or mix it up to your liking


DIY installation

RubberFLEX poured rubber flooring install requires specialized tools and some knowledge of binders. Get help with our guide.

Professional installation

Get a professional installation of your poured rubber surface to conform to laws and security guidelines.