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epoxy flooring system

Ready to apply kits for residential, commercial or industrial use

Ureco epoxy kits give you everything you need to lay synthetic resin on top of concrete and design beautiful, protective floors for your home (residential) or commercial and industrial use. Buy online, shipping across Canada, or pickup at our Montreal warehouse. Syn-X is your Epoxy resin floor kit supplier, with your choice of clear epoxy, solid color, metallic finish or with flakes.

Ureco Epoxy High Performance Floor Coating System is a two component system. Ureco has been formulated to be low viscosity, self-priming and solvent-free. This epoxy coating is low odor and low V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds).

This high-gloss epoxy product offers a smooth and seamless surface and is easy to clean. It offers good resistance to chemicals and resists bacterial and fungal growth.

Why choose

  • Protection
    Epoxy resin protects the underlying substrate from stains, physical wear, moisture, microbial growth, standard chemical spills, temperature changes and impact damage.
  • Durable
    When installed properly, epoxy coating does not crack, break, buckle, bend or fade. Can withstand thermal shock, corrosion, chemicals, abrasion and even water damage. Of all the synthetic surfaces, epoxy has the longest lifespan (over 20 years).
  • Eye catching design
    Epoxy resin started as an industrial solution, but now with the addition of metal powder or flakes, it has become of one designer’s favorite synthetic surface. Its high-gloss, light-reflective finish with seamless surface produces a bright looking surface that looks amazing from any angle. Customize your epoxy floor with various colors and effects.
  • Industrial strength solution
    Epoxy floor is recommended for the food and beverage industry, manufacturing sectors, pharmaceuticals, chemical storage, and processing facilities because of the demanding service conditions they require, such as daily wash downs and/or sterilization. The seamless surface decreases the risk of bacteria from harmful chemicals to be left in the inseams of traditional flooring.

Use it for...

  • Your home: Kitchen, bathroom, livingroom, great for basements
  • Pharmaceutical, hospital, chemical
  • Automotive/aeronautic service bays
  • Residential garages, commercial parking garages
  • Showroom and retail
  • Offices
  • Schools

epoxy flooring systems kits:

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Metallic finish

Metallic two components epoxy coating system for flooring.
High gloss and glittery

Flake designs

Two components epoxy coating system with flakes for flooring.
High gloss.

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Solid color or clear

100% solid epoxy coating system for flooring.
High gloss.