Looking for an alternative to epoxy flooring?

garage flooring tiles

Easy and fast install, no mess, no experience required

In the market for garage floor coating?

Have you thought about garage flooring tiles? They are probably the best alternative to epoxy garage coating, for all the good reasons:

Epoxy only comes with a 2-3 year warranty and only when applied by a professional. Our garage tile flooring are backed by a lifetime limited warranty or a 7-15 year warranty.

With epoxy, you need experience, and the right tools, to apply a level, smooth, no bubbles surface. With our garage floor tiles, simply click-in-place over your current garage floor. Your are done in a matter of hours. No mess, no toxic fumes, no hazardous materials manipulation.

Unlike epoxy floors, our flooring garage tiles don’t need a multi-day layered install process, and no surface preparation like acid washing. No chemicals are involved. Simply swipe your current floor, lay down the tiles, and click them together.

Epoxy is applied as a thin layer over the concrete: as such,  it can’t really protect your floor from damage. Plus,  epoxy floors are known to stain and crack post-application. Not the case with our garage tiles: they are rugged, standing tall with a height up to .75″ to protect your floor from damage.

Contrary to epoxy, our garage tiles are not affected by moisture, not affected by motor oils or car fluids, not affected by most acids and solvents, not affected by salt or magnesium chloride and most of all, they are not affected by hot tires or tire marks.

If an epoxy floor is damaged and needs repair, it can mean a costly repair bill for a professional to reapply. With garage floor tiling, simple replace the damaged tile with a new one.

Epoxy gloss fades with use, and looks dirty with just a bit of dust on it. The garage flooring tiles incorporate a self-channeling system for drainage: dust falls at the bottom, leaving the surface clean. As an added bonus, the tiles come with a UV stabilizer build in, so the tiles exposed to the sun will not fade or change color.

Try our garage floor designer and choose your favorite colors, lay down patterns or lines, and create the garage of your dream!

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