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SPC vinyl planks flooring

easy click-lock install

What are vinyl flooring planks?

Vinyl flooring planks are made from 100 percent synthetic material. This composition gives your floor superior resistance to moisture. When water sits on vinyl floors, even for extended periods of time, it won’t damage the surface!

With new technologies, the surface is now made to look like real wood, for a fraction of the price of real wood flooring.

Why choose

  • 100% waterproof
    Rigid composite stone core, preventing expansion, contraction or warping of floor surface
  • Easy install
    With click-lock technology, simply click planks together. Moreso, the planks’ rigid core allows you to install on an imperfect subfloor. You still need to follow manufacturer warranty guidelines to install, but this is a great option for subfloors that are not perfect.
  • Comfortable
    Planks come with a foam layer backing that absorbs noise, and makes it comfortable to walk or stand on.
  • Designer colors
    The range of colors, from light scandinavian minimal wood aspect to dark brown or even monochrome gray, gives you endless possibilities for classic, cottage or modern room decor.
  • And also…
    Vinyl planks are a great choice if you own pets, as it is scratch and “accidents” proof. And they are phthalate-free, which means no harmful chemicals in your home.

Use it for...

  • Home interiors
  • Light commercial spaces
  • Basements (mold / water resistant)
  • Kids playroom / yoga floor

vinyl planks flooring products

SPC vinyl planks

 100% waterproof SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) vinyl planks, strong and durable with Click-lock technology, making them perfect for a quick and easy installation. They feature foam padding for superior acoustics. Easy to clean, low maintenance. Residential or light commercial, indoor usage. 21 colors to choose from.



Although the click-lock system  allows for an easy install of the planks, please follow manufacturer guidelines to install and insure maximum longevity of your product.


Covered by a 30 years residentail warranty, and a 15 years limited light commercial warranty.