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RubberBox underlayer 475

An 2mm underlayer of rubber matting ton install underneath synthetic surfaces to dampen shocks and sounds. Use indoor or outdoor, sold in rolls.


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Usage: indoor or outdoor. Dampens shocks, sounds. To be installed under tiles or rubber surfaces.
RubberBox fitness underlayment provides excellent stability and durability for a variety of hard surface flooring choices, including hardwood.

  • Superior sound reduction – provides outstanding acoustical performance.
  • Compression resistant – superior compression characteristics to adequately support click-together mechanisms, tongue and groove, and anti-fracture characteristics under tile applications.
  • Designed for: laminate flooring, floating engineered wood, glue down wood, nail down wood, gym flooring.
  • Very versatile and resilient.

Rubber underlayment sold as roll dimension is 4’ x 75 with 2mm thickness.
Does not have to be glued with adhesive.

Made of 100% recycled tire rubber.

Width: 1.22m (4′)
Length: 22.86m (75′)
Covers: 27.87 m² (300 ft² )
Weight: 53.07 kg (117 lb)
Thickness: 2mm (0.078″)

One color available:
100% black

Additional information

Weight 117 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 48 in

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