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Game kit F11 mini full basketball court

Ready-to-install, easy-to-assemble and affordable F11 mini full basketball courts. Buy online, shipping in Canada.


Ready to assemble mini full Basketball court, with painted white lines, that measures 35’9″ X 65’4″ (10.95m X 19.94m)

Dimensions of the installed court:
Width: 35’9″ (10.95m)
Length: 65’4″ (19.94m)
Covers: 2336 ft² (217.02m²)
Minimum area required: 35’11″X 65’6″ (11.05m X 20.05m)
Tiles included: 3282
Ramps included: 244
Material: Polypropylene Copolymer
Contains UV stabilizers, antioxidant

*Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of this product

Available colors:
SPBGF11: Black and graphite
SPBGTF11: Black and titanium grey
SPBRF11: Black and red
SPIBRBF11: Light blue and royal blue


Basketball courts and shuffleboard courts can be installed over a concrete base or a compacted 0-¾ stone base.