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Game Pro B8 half basketball court


Ready to assemble Basketball court, with painted white lines, that measures 46’X30’ (14.02m X 9.14m)

Dimensions of the installed court:
Width: 46’ (14.02m)
Length: 30’ (9.14m)
Covers:1380ft² (128.14m²)
Minimum area required: 46’2’’x 30’2’’ (14.08m x 9.20m)
Tiles included: 1380
Ramps not included, sold extra.
Material: Polypropylene Copolymer
Contains UV stabilizers, antioxidant

Available colors:

SPRBGB8: Royal Blue and Graphite
SPBGB8: Black and Graphite
SPRGB8: Red and Graphite
SPBRB8: Black and red
SPLBRBB8: Light Blue and Royal Blue

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