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Poured rubber installation

Instructions how to install poured rubber EPDM granules flooring yourself, DIY rubber surface installation

If you want to install your rubber flooring yourlsef, please follow the guidelines below to ensure a smooth installation, and to extend the life of your product.

Professional installation

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Poured rubber installation steps

Surface prep

The rubber can be poured on several types of surfaces such as plain paving, cement, asphalt, wood, compacted stone…  For best results, make sure your surface is clean before applying.

For more stability, you can use glue to spread on your surface before the application of the granules.


Safety layer*

*Optional. A safety layer is needed for the safety of play areas, parks, kindergardens…

An underlayer of black SBR rubber granules  is recommended to minimize fall injuries. Thickness to be defined according to the fall height.*

*Note that Syn-X can install this syste in accordance with applicable municipal and provincial safety standards

The black SBR granules are sold in a bag of 44 pounds (20 kg).
Covers 13 s.f. (for a 1″ thick layer).

EPDM granules layer

EPDM colored granules are used for the topcoat. They can be applied directly to your clean surface for usage such as: around the pool, terrasse, concrete stairs, etc.

Recommended thickness: 1/4 inch.

The rubber granules are sold in a bag of 44 pounds of a single color, but you can mix colors for a textured or marbled effect. 1 bag covers about 40 square feet of surface.


The Mix

Mix the aliphatic binder with the EPDM colored granules. This binder is specially formulated to preserve the color of the granules. 

Proportions: Mix 1 gallon of binder for 1 bag of EPDM granules. (Our epdm kits come with the right proportion).

IMPORTANT: MIX WELL to obtain a consistant surface.

You can use plastic edge to mold the granules into your desired shape.

The finishing touch

Use a mixture of urethane grade solvents (whippe) to clean dirty tools, or clean with a lubricant.

It is recommended to allow the synthetic surfaces to cure for 2 days.

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Printable instructions

Download this installation instruction PDF for printing or keeping