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Synthetic turf installation

Instructions how to install synthetic turf yourself, DIY artificial turf installation

If you want to install your synthetic turf yourself, please follow the guidelines below to ensure a smooth installation, and to extend the life of your product.

Professional installation

Too complicated?  We can do it for you.
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Synthetic turf installation video

Synthetic turf installation steps

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Step 1

Prep the surface: remove old grass, excavate 4 inches deep.

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Step 2

Geotextile installation: mesure, cut, nail to the ground.

Roll of geotextile 3’x 100′ sold on our website

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Step 3

Fill with 3 to 4” of 0-¾ crushed stones.
Level and compact.

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Step 4

Add 1” rock dirt. Level and compact.

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Step 5

Unroll the piece of turf in the sun so that it recovers its shape.
Synthetic turf laying, cutting the edges on the back with an exacto.

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Step 6

Glue joints with Trylawnturf’s special glue and seam tape.

Install the seam tape under the 2 parts to be joined and nail it to the ground. Align the 2 pieces to be joined, and keep the same direction of the grass yarn. Install glue on the seam tape and spread with a notched trowel. Fold the 2 pieces over the seam tape and glue, and let dry

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Step 7

Nail down turf perimeter with non galvanized 6” nails, 6” apart.

Brush the entire surface of the lawn with a broom.

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Printable instructions

Download this installation instruction PDF for printing or keeping